Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2009 NFL Mock Draft #1

1) Detroit Lions - Jason Smith OT Baylor

Comment: The Lions have been beat up too much lately to take a chance with this pick. Instead of going for the high reward QB option, they take the safety of the best OT available.

2)St. Louis Rams - Eugene Monroe OT Virginia

Comment: Stephen Jackson just hasn't had the room to run in since Orlando Pace lost his edge. They would love to get Jason Smith here, but they are happy to settle for Monroe.

3)Kansas City Chiefs - Aaron Curry LB Wake Forest

Comment: The Chiefs can go a number of ways with this pick as they have numerous needs. The one area they wont go is QB of course with Mr. Cassel now at the helm. The safest bet here is to take the most game ready player in the draft in Aaron Curry. Another possibility is a trade down with somebody looking to get ahead of the Seahawks to take a QB.

4) Seattle Seahawks - Mark Sanchez QB - USC

Comment: With Hasselbeck being week to week throughout '08 and father time not being in Matt's favour, the Seahawks draft their QB of the future in Mark Sanchez.

5)Cleveland Browns - Michael Crabtree - WR Texas Tech

Comment: The Browns have admitted to shopping Braylon Edwards who had a terrible 2008. This pick would allow that trade to happen and help give support to the QB of the future, Brady Quinn.

6)Cincinnati Bengals - Andre Smith - OT Alabama

Comment: The Bengals in 2 years went from having one of the better O-lines in the league to having it be the #1 area of concern. The Bengals would love one either Monroe or Smith here, but are happy getting the #1 OT prospect pre-combine. Smith will likely slot in at RT to start '09.

7)Oakland Raiders - Jeremy Maclin - WR Missouri

Comment: The Raiders needs help at WR. Not even Randy Moss could help them but maybe Maclin can. The obvious other choice here is Crabtree but the feeling is that the Raiders like Maclin more and will take him even if Crabtree is available.

8)Jacksonville Jaguars - Malcom Jenkins DB Ohio State.

Comment: With BJ Raji still available it will be hard for the Jags to pass, but as CB is a bigger area of need they grab the best in the draft.

9) Green Bay Packers - BJ Raji - DT Boston College

Comment: With the Packers moving to a 3-4 next year, the Pack is thrilled to see Raji still available at #9. There are alot of tweener DE/LB that would fit well for them, but a true nose tackle is exactly what they need.

10) San Fransisco 49ers - Matt Stafford - QB Georgia

Comment: The Niners have other needs but they cant pass up a possible franchise QB at #10.

11) Buffalo Bills - Brian Orakpo - DE Texas

Comment: The Bills D took a step back last year and Orakpo fills a great need for the Bills as a solid pass rush can hide weakness elsewhere.

12)Denver Broncos - Everette Brown - DE/LB Florida State.

Comment: The Broncos are another team who will be making the switch to a 3-4 and they need tweeners like Brown to help in the transition. He is a perfect fit. If Orakpo is still available at #10, look for the Broncos to try and get ahead of the Bills.

13)Washington Redskins - Michael Oher - OT Mississippi

Comment: The Redskins saw their O-line get a little long in the tooth last year and they spent big money on the D-line in free agency. OT is their pick and Oher is the best one left.

14) New Orleans Saints - Brian Cushing -LB USC

Comment: The Saints need help on defense and they need it badly. They grab Cushing here as the best true LB available.

15)Houston Texans - Rey Maualuga, LB - USC

Comment : Back to back USC LBs solidify defenses that desperately need their help. I like Peria Jerry here until the Texans signed Shaun Cody.

16)San Diego Chargers - Knowshon Moreno - RB Georgia

Comment: This gives the chargers a three headed monster at RB next season, but its obvious that Tomlinson will be playing in his last season this year.

17)NY Jets - Percy Harvin - WR Florida

Comment: With Coles gone and nobody to replace him, the Jets now have nobody to throw or catch the ball. With no QBs worth of this pick, the Jets grab the best WR left.

18) Chicago Bears- Eben Britton - OT Arizona

Comment: With Forte the centerpiece of the offense, the Bears need a decent O-line so they can showcase him. The Bears are thrilled Britton is still here.

19) Tampa Bay Bucaneers - Robert Ayers - DE Tennessee

Comment: The Bucs need help on defense after some bad collapses last year. They consider Freeman at QB, but do the wise choice and grab Ayers.

20) Detroit Lions - Tyson Jackson - DE LSU

Comment: The Lions recently got a veteran LB in Julian Peterson and can now focus further on the pass rush. Tyson Jackson is a good fit.

21) Philiadelphia Eagles - Chris Wells - RB Ohio St.

Comment: Westbrook looks like he will fall apart any minute now. He still flashes greatness, but it's obvious he is over the hill. Look for Wells to be the heir apparent in the Philly running attack.

22) Minnesota Vikings - Darrius Heyward Bey - WR Maryland

Comment: After a 4.3 40, the Vikings cant resist grabbing the WR they couldn't get in free agency.

23) New England Patriots - Clay Matthews - LB USC

Comment: Third USC LB goes to a team with a great system and aging LBs (with the exception of Mayo). He could put up the best numbers of the three.

24) Atlanta Falcons - Peria Jerry - DT Mississippi

Comment: Falcons need D-line help and Jerry is the man to provide it. LB is also an area of need but Laurinaitis is not as big a help as Jerry will be.

25)Miami Dolphins - Vontae Davis - DB Illinois

Comment: The Dolphins need DBs and feel very lucky he is still around at 25. Otherwise, look for Alphonso Smith to go here if Davis is already gone.

26) Baltimore Ravens - Brandon Pettigrew - TE Oaklahoma St.

Comment: With an aging and often injured Todd Heap, the Ravens look for youth with a great TE who can block and catch.

27) Indianapolis Colts - James Laurinaitis LB Ohio St.

Comment: LB seems to always be an area of need for the Colts. Laurinaitis is an immediate upgrade.

28) Philiadelphia Eagles - William Beatty - OT Connecticut

Comment: Eagles get the RB and OT they were looking for in round 1.

29) NY Giants - Hakeem Nicks - WR North Carolina

Comment: WR is an area of need now that Burress is facing gun charges. This will of course change if they can wrestle Braylon Edwards from the Browns.

30)Tennessee Titans - Darius Butler - DB Connecticut

Comment: The Titans needs DT,CB and WR. But as the always seem to need WR I dont think they go that way here. Butler is big as is fast enough, so they make him their boy.

31) Arizona Cardinals - Michael Johnson - DE Georgia Tech

Comment: They lost Antonio Smith in free agency and try to put a band-aid on a pretty weak pass rush with a physical freak in Michael Johnson.

32) Pittsburgh Steelers - Alphonso Smith - CB Wake Forest

Comment: The Steelers dont have a glaring need so they will probably grab the best of OL/CB/LB here. Smith has a tonne of talent but his size will cause him to go late 1st, early 2nd.